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Core Group

The task group is stuctured in different tiers.

  • The core group is responsible for defining and fine-tuning the objectives and subobjectives of the TG. They will meet on a regular basis (preferably in conjunction with other events) and see through the establishment of the set goals. Moreover, they will organize dissemination events and coordinate the writing of the Scientific and Technical Report (STR) that is envisaged as a final output of the Task Group. The composition of the core group can be found here.
  • A more extended list of professionals, either active in the field of GHG emissions from WWTPs and sewers, or capable of applying key knowledge to this field forms the second tier of the TG. A list can be found here.
  • Next to the core group, an independent steering committee will be set up to assist in positioning the TG in the broader perspective of the global water business. A second role is to facilitate bidirectional communication with all stakeholders involved
    and assist in paving the way of the water business in the forthcoming decades, in which GHG will play a major role. A third role is assist in the development of the STR. The steering committee is composed as follows:
    • Gustaf Olsson (IWA liaison and facilitator)
    • Glen Daigger (IWA liaison and facilitator)
    • Frans Schulting (GWRC; link to research)
    • EU DG Environment (link to European research and regulation)
    • EPA representative (link to US regulation)
  • Finally, an IWA support group is made up of the following people:
    • Eduardo Ayesa (ICA, SAIA; CEIT, Spain)
    • Frank Rogalla (NRR; Aqualia, Spain)
    • Bruce Beck (SSG; Univ. Georgia, USA)
    • Steven Kenway (SSG; AWMC, Australia)
    • Ulf Jeppsson (TG BSM; Lund Univ., SWE)
    • Jiri Wanner (DOCLWWTP; Inst. Chem. Techn. Prague, CZE)
    • Peter Steen Mikkelsen (Urban Drainage; DTU, DEN)
    • Per Halkjaer Nielsen (Microbial Ecology and Water Engineering; Aalborg Univ., DEN)

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